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Zano - Energy to Power

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Zano - Energy to Power

You won’t believe how much energy it takes to power one lightbulb

by Zano Controls


[intro] Looking for a clear way to show your customers just how much energy can be saved by switching to LED? This infographic by Zano reveals the startling difference between LED and Incandescent lighting energy consumption.


If one 1600 lumen lightbulb was left on 24 hours a day for one year, it would take….


Incandescent (100 watts)

LED (20 watts)

714 pounds of coal

142.8 pounds of coal

.035 pounds uranium

0.007 pounds uranium

8 days, 18hrs, 14 minutes and 24 secs (of solar harvesting on 100m2 panels)

1 day, 18 hrs, 2 minutes and 10 seconds (of solar harvesting on 100m2 panels)


...to power that one bulb.


The US Department of Energy estimates that the adoption of LED lights within 20 years could prevent 40 new power plants from being constructed.


Yet it’s not just the environment you save by switching to LED. It costs…

●     £21.48 per year to run just one 100 watt incandescent.

●     £4.38 per year (ave.est) to run one 20 watt LED

Add a dimmer switch to your LED and you could cut the cost - and the emissions - even further, potentially reducing energy consumption by an extra 20%.


Zano LED dimming products can help your clients save even more energy than just switching to LED. Find out more; visit www.zanocontrols.co.uk or tweet us @zanocontrols.


Sources : World Economic Forum, Design Recycle Inc, US Department of Energy.



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